UXUI is the business vehicle for the UX designer, David Yates.

I work as an independent contractor, on fixed term contracts of 3 months of more.

I work outside IR35, meaning that I cannot work as a ‘disguised employee’ i.e. someone who behaves and is treated as an employee so that there is little or nothing to distinguish me as a contractor.

HMRC regulations mean that I need to be clear on how I work and this needs to be enshrined in my contract and evident in my working practices. Specifically I tend to work on a set project, delivering to an agreed schedule in my own way, with my own equipment and in the best location to get the work done – that could be my own office, your premises or any number of places – usually a mixture of places.  I will meet the appropriate deadlines and milestones accommodating any other commitments that I have. If I am unavailable, through illness or holiday, UXUI will provide a substitute who is suitably qualified and experienced to step in.

There is a certain amount of sensible flexibility in the regulations. Naturally, I will work in conjunction with your staff where necessary and e.g. where there is a security imperative equipment and working location need to be secure.

There is plenty of information on IR35 on the web and I work in conjunction with qdos to ensure that my contracts and practices are compliant with HMRC guidelines.

HMRC IR35 Guidelines


IR35 Contract reviews